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Panterra has engineering, machining, welding and assembly under the same roof


We rely on big data and visualisation tools to determine how to better understand our customers needs and develop better products and services.


Skilled employees and modern machines gives us the opportunity to work with demanding tasks in most materials.


We believe in humans ability to influence the environment through technology!

Panterra - your supplier of services and mechanical products

Panterra has the ability and the equipment to cater for a very diverse range of work. This allows us to be the ‘One-Stop Shop’. From initial computer drafting and designing to manufacturing the finished product and providing repair and refurbishment options.


Our multidisciplinary teams can develop innovative concepts. All deliveries are designed in modern 3D modeling and analysis software.


We have a skilled fabrication team with the capacity to do the most within turning, milling, grinding, drilling and welding, including cladding.


The product will be delivered with system generated documentation package.

Project management

The projects are led by experienced account manager who will be your contact person and will ensure that we deliver on time and according to the agreed specifications.

Testing and FAT

When we manufacture a customized product, we will provide complete test and documentation package with FAT, certification, installation training and service according to their specification.

Sustainable growth

We endorse a sustainable growth that is repeatable, ethical and responsible to current and future communities. We believe it' the key to the long-term success.