Humans and machines must work together in future workplace. In Panterra, we rely on big data and visualisation tools to determine how to better understand our customers needs and develop better products and services. And, of course, we listen and cooperate with our customers – building strong relationships to produce better products.

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Establish and maintain a competitive advantage - cooperate with Panterra

Panterra has the ability and the equipment to cater for a very diverse range of work. This allows us to be the ‘One-Stop Shop’. From initial computer drafting and designing to manufacturing the finished product and providing repair and refurbishment options.


We offer an unique combination of highly skilled engineers, manufacturing experts and advanced mechanical production capacity to meet you demands.


The combination of skilled engineers, a modern machine park and top qualified CNC-operators enables us to provide highly complex services with great flexibility.


We offer competent personnel and a broad range of welding procedures for welding in low alloy, carbon steels and exotic materials.

Oil and gas

We have delivered products to the oil and gas industry for a long time in accordance with international industry standards and specifications.

Refurbished products

Panterra has developed a unique refurbishment technique. We make sure that the used parts and spare parts are in an excellent condition, have the same features and look as the brand new ones.

Sustainable growth

We endorse a sustainable growth that is repeatable, ethical and responsible to current and future communities. We believe it' the key to the long-term success.

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