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Entrion Wind Contracts Panterra for Prototype Fabrication


Entrion Wind has completed the design phase of its top mooring assembly (TMA) project and are pleased to announce to have engaged Panterra AS to manufacture the 1:2 TMA prototype and help oversee TMA testing. Panterra is a leading fabricator in Norway with a proven track record of providing offshore equipment and mooring and tensioning solutions”, said Jon Høvik, Vice President of Engineering.

Panterra is very pleased to be awarded the ENTRION WIND contract for the fabrication of the TMA. We are sure we can provide a very high qualitative job and are committed for a successful testing of the device in our facilities;” as expressed by Preben Guttormsen, CEO of Panterra.

The collaboration between Panterra and Entrion Wind reflects their commitment to working closely for bringing to a success the FRP Monopile Technology from Entrion Wind, one of the leading technology innovators in offshore wind.