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All Panterra products are developed in close cooperation with our multidisciplinary design team.

Crude oil swivel
4" swivel assembled
Panterra swivel
Raceway on a 16" swivel

The Panterra Swivel is a fluid transfer system for multiple applications utilizing a standardized sealing and bearing system for long life and high availability of spares. The Panterra Swivel has been successfully used all over the world with a proven history track record with more than 70 units delivered.

  1. Extensive range 4-32 inches
  2. 150# and 300# class
  3. Single & double race-way
  4. API Specification 60
  5. ISO 14313
  6. Option: ATEX Rating
  1. Designed for both pressure and vacuum environment
  2. Double barrier sealing
  3. Maintenance friendly design
  4. Inconel cladded seal surfaces
  5. Smart IoT capabilities (online pressure measurement)
HUS Monitoring Tank
HUS Monitoring Tank

The Panterra Monitor Tank is a weld-free tank with for use with a wide range of fluids. The design in cooperates a built-in sight glasses where the filling level of the liquid is directly visible as a line together with a set of valves for isolation of the level gauge.

  1. 316L rolled sheet plate design.
  2. Design Pressure: 4,5 bar
  3. Design temperature: 0-60 degree C
  4. ASME VIII Div.1 Design Class
  5. ABS Product Design Approval
PIG Recive / Launcher
PIG Receiver & Launcher

The Panterra PIG Receiver/Launcer is offered as a custom engineered design products that meets customer, environmental and industry standards. The Pig Launcher/ Receiver is built for ease of operation and longevity of service. With a multiple of option available, Panterra will supply the ultimate design that meets your technical and commercial requirements

  1. Design Pressure: 495 bar
  2. Test Pressure: 742 bar
  3. PD5500 Design Class
  4. ABS Product Design Approval
Closure - SSLC
SSLC - Safe Segment Lock Closure

The Panterra SSLC is a safe, quick and economic access closure used for ease in gaining internal access to launchers and receivers, or for any pipe or pressure vessel.

  1. Design Pressure: 495 bar
  2. Test Pressure: 742 bar
  3. ASME / PD5500 Design Class
  4. Smart IoT capabilities (online pressure measurement)
Monitoring Skid
Monitoring Skid

HUS Monitoring Skid is a skid of 10 off low pressure weld-free tanks used for hydraulic fluid. The particular skid shown was delivered to the Kakinada FPSO.

  1. Design Pressure: 4,5 bar
  2. Design temperature: 0-60oC
  3. ASME VIII Div.1 Design Class
  4. U-Stamp
Subsea clamp & I-tube plug
Subsea clamps & I-tube plug

Panterra AS has designed, produced and delivered 14 off chain clamps for accomodating acoustic sensors including an I- tube plug to hold acoustic receivers below the I-tube exit point of the Goliat FPSO, Barents sea.

  1. AISI 316 and Duplex
  2. Fishtail ROV interface for torquing
  3. Break-away release of I-tube plug for redundancy
  4. Holding moment of chain clamps >180NM
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